Winch Tractor & Scissor Neck Lowbed Services

  • tandem-axle truck with tri-axle 10'6" wide scissor neck trailer
  • Equipment Mob and Demob
  • skid shack moving
  • rig mat moving


Aggregate & Contamination Hauling

  • tandem-axle tractor with 5th wheel and wet kit
  • tri-axle end dump trailer with lift axles, liner, tarp and tailgate seals and locks
  • tandem-axle dump trucks with tarp and tailgate seals and locks
    • tandem-axle pup, end dump trailer
    • tri-axle  wagaon, end dump trailer
    • gravel box equiped with extended side boards for snow removal

Non - Potable Water Truck Services

  • tandem-axle convential water truck with 110 BBL 406 aluminum water tank
  • truck prepared for winter work with heated pump box,spray spoon, heated tank with hard piped exhaust through tank
  • water canon, fire spray nozzles, and various sizes of inlet screens
  • tank certified for produced water
    • dust control
    • spraying for ice roads or lease freeze down
    • produced water hauling

Transport & Light Oilfield Delivery Services

  • tri-axel hi-boy, with 48' x 8' deck, with load securement devices to transport mixed loads including drilling rig loads
  • 28' tilt deck, 5th wheel trailer, pulled with service truck 

Skid Steer Services

  • S220 Bobcat wheeled skid steer
  • 863 Bobcat wheeled skid steer
    • snow blade and bucket
    • gravel conditioner
    • table mower

Gas Plant Operations

  • skilled operators available to assist with daily operations or seasonal maintenance concerns
  • service trucks equiped with tools and saftey equipment for the job

Other Services & Rentals

  • 4 x 4 Quads with winch
  • portable heat trailer with 400 000 BTU indirect heater with dual 12" output socks, and 6500 watt generator
  • snowmobile with trailer
  • trash pumps
  • power saws
  • industrial weed/brush whackers